$50 Club Donation will allow a club member to enter into unlimited race classes for their skill level.

1. Do I have to be a member?
Yes. We are a club and not open to the public.

2. What is the address to the Compound?
17033 La Mina Lane Perris,Ca 92570

3. Can I bring my pet?
Yes, but Team Chase is not responsible for your pet.

4. Do I need to RSVP?
Yes. This is MANDATORY.

This will assist in the planning of race day and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone and
allow each racer the maximum amount of track time.

5. If I am not a member or have NOT RSVP’D and show up can I still race?
There is no guarantee that you entry can be accommodated on race day.

6. Do I have to sign the Insurance Waiver?

7. If I refuse to sign the waiver what happens?
You will not gain entry into the Compound and be asked to leave. Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!

8. Do I need a personal transponder?
Yes. You are required to provide your own personal transponder. It must be compatible with a MYLAPS

RC-4 Timing System

9. Will a non-MYLAPS transponder work?

10.Are you selling transponders at the

11.Are you renting Personal Transponders?

12.Are you selling replacements parts at the Compound?
Yes. Fast Eddie's On Site Mobile RC Hobby Store will be on site during all races.
13.What if I come late?

No races will be postponed or late drivers even if you have RSVP’d.

14.What happens if I miss a race?
The series will consist of one throw out race to allow for the removal of one low score or to avoid penalty if an emergency arises.

15.Is there cell phone coverage at the Compound?
YES. PLEASE NOTE! Cell Phone Coverage is Extremely Limited. Please make your loved ones aware of this fact.

16.If there is an emergency can I use a landline phone?
Yes. A phone will be provided to our members for emergencies only.

17.Are you providing lunch and drinks in my entrance fee?
NO.Food and beverages will be available but at an additional cost. The purchase will be made available in a CASH ONLY option.

18.Can I bring a friend/family member to watch?
Yes. Spectating is welcome. The non-member must also sign the Insurance waiver to gain entry. However, there are no babysitting options at the Compound. Members must be responsible for supervising their children at all times.

19.What Class should I race in?
The classes are separated by 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive. Determine what vehicle you have first. Then decide how you would would like to run your vehicle. If you want the body on (Truck Class)  Lastly, assess your expertise level. Are you brand new and still getting better OR are you familiar but still improving(Open Class) are you a veteran racer with a moderate to high level of experience Expert Class) or are you Sponsored (PRO) The timing system will quickly weed out "sand baggers" and the Club will determine if a racer must move up or down between the Open Class,Expert Class(4WD TRUCK AND 4WD BUGGYONLY) and Pro Class.

20.Can Club Team Chase bump me from Open Class to Expert Class?
Yes. We are running series to provide entertainment to various levels of racers. You will be strongly encouraged to race in your appropriate race group.

21.What happens if a racer cheats and cuts corners on the track?
The timing system automatically will penalize the racer by 1 LAP .

22. Are there bathrooms?
Yes. A port-a-potty with a washing station is available. The port-a-potty is the only available bathroom to our members and their guests.

23. Do members have access to the Chase Family personal fenced yard (children's play house and zip line), house,drive way and garage?

24. Is there Electricity Outlets available?

25. Is there water to clean my hands/tire washing station?

26. Is there a seating area?
Yes. There are shaded bleachers for watching the races.

27. Is there shaded areas for my pit area?
NO. The only way to gain shade at the Compound is to bring your own personal Easy-UP .

28. Are there tables/chairs?
No. Racers must bring their own tables and chairs.

29. Can I leave my personal belongings at the compound?

30. Are you selling gas/oil?
No. Team Chase will not be providing this service to our members.

31. Can someone help me unload my stuff and bring it to the pit area?
No. Team Chase will not be providing any assistance with the moving/ transporting of your personal property.

32. Do I have to Turn Marshall after my race?
Yes. Unless you have a designated person to stand in your place on your behalf.That individual must

check in using your name to avoid a penalty.

33. Do you have to pay to park?
No. The is no fee to park. Parking will be permitted in the designated area only.

34. Can I park in the street?
No. Parking is permitted in the designated parking area only.

35. Can I bring my vehicle down to the pit area to unload?
No.Please reach out to to discuss any personal hardships or disabilities for any considerations for this concern prior to race day.

36. Can I practice prior to race day?
No. At this time there are no practice days. Practice driving is available each race day of the series from 6AM-7:45AM

37. Do I have to attend the Drivers Meeting 7:45am?

38. Are you watering the track?
Yes. The track will be watered routinely throughout the day.

39. What happens if I miss the Qualifiers for my desired class?
Qualifications determines starting position only. You will still be able to race the main event of your desired class.

40. If I RSVP for 3 classes but only participate in 1 on race is there a penalty?
We understand that this can occur when a car or truck breaks and is no longer ready to race, but if Team Chase determines it is deliberate to oversaturate the class, we will charge a $25 fee per class.


What should I bring with me Race Day to the Compound?
1. R/C Car/Truck with PERSONAL TRANSPONDER supported by MYLAPS RC-4 Timing System
2. Remote Control for your car or truck
3. Back up batteries for your remote control
4. All tools R/C related to repair damages/breaks
5. All necessary replacements parts for your R/C car/truck
6. Table and chairs
7. Easy-up/umbrella for shade
8. Generator with extension cords if you desire to have electricity with back up gas/diesel can
9. Back up fuel for your R/C car/truck
10.Fully Charged back up batteries for R/C car/truck
11.Food,snacks, and drinks for the entire day unless you want to buy on site
13.Hat and long sleeve shirt
14.Warmer clothing for early morning and evening
15.Appropriate foot wear ( The Team Chase Compound is an all dirt facility)
16.Wagon or dolly to transport your belongings from the parking area to the pit area 17.Hand towels/
paper towels

17. Hearing protection/Safety Glasses
18.First aide kit
22.Prescription glasses if applicable
23.Personal medication (allergy, headache, allergic reaction)
24.Change of clothes
This is only a recommendation list.